Grant Process

Engaging Experiences, Shape Futures

Dreams come in all “sizes” and fields of interest – from a wilderness training course, to writing and performing, or a work internship – and high school is the ideal time for students to expand their vision of themselves, their community and the world.

Whatever their interests might be, the 21st Century Fund urges students and faculty to open themselves up to new experiences and opportunities. We believe that helping students and faculty broaden their interests and experience, in and beyond the classroom, inspires a more engaging education and a more productive and interesting future. The Fund supports experiences that build confidence, broaden perspectives, develop new skills, hone interpersonal and team building skills, as well as community commitment and are not covered by the school budget. In general, we take a liberal view of education, our only requirement is that the grant request is covered by our mission. The 21st Century Fund also takes pride in providing seed money for new and innovative programs which, if successful, become part of the school budget.

All applicants must:

  • Read the Terms of Reference for Grants (TOR).

  • Access to the application is through the buttons below.

    • There are different applications for students, teams/clubs, and Faculty.

    • Grants are given to seniors for projects that are completed before graduation,

    • Each applicant must submit:

      • Completed and signed Application

      • Applications from students must have three signatures, their own, their mentor and a parent/guardian; students should  also do a CUPS (Capitalization Usage Punctuation Spelling) review before submittal

      • Budget Worksheet

    • Links to these forms are below and can be completed on-line.

  • All grant recipients are required to share their grant experiences by:

    • Submitting a written recap of their project, with photos, that share what their program/project taught them and how it will impact their future

    • Participating in community events sponsored by the 21st Century Fund.

  • Typical grants range from:

    • $50-$1500 to students

    • $100-$3000 to teams and teachers.

If you have any questions, contact our Administrative Director at


Grant Applications

Everyone applying for a grant should read the TOR for Grants before downloading the appropriate application.


Click HERE to Download the Student Application.

Click  HERE to Download the Budget Worksheet.


Click HERE for the Team/Club Application.

Click HERE to Download the Budget Worksheet.


Click HERE to Download the Application.

Click HERE to Download the Budget Worksheet.

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