Going Beyond the Classroom

Learning by Doing

HVRHS students worked with Art teacher, Warren Prindle, to prepare the cafeteria wall for the 21st Century Fund Mural.

Designing Your Perfect School

A few years ago, the 21st Century Fund challenged English students to apply their knowledge of Thoreau to develop their own educational utopia.

First Robotics is Experiential Learning

Design, Build, Program, Test, Rebuild and then Compete.

21st Century Fund has Their Backs

Two weeks before the competition the electric car team’s motor died.  The Fund immediately helped the team buy a new one.

Making Engaging Summers Possible

The Fund has underwritten summer programs in marine biology, choral singing, creative writing, service trips, leadership, medicine,  . . .

Growth Opportunities

Nothing builds confidence, team skills, or thinking on-your-feet like putting on a live show.

Bringing Academics to Life

Social Studies gives students overlooked historical events to research, e.g., making a film on two of the Little Rock Nine who transferred to HVRHS 1958 when the AK Governor closed public schools rather than integrate them.

Project29.org chronicles a Black Regiment from the NW Corner of CT that fought in the Civil War.

Expanding Horizons

International Travel opens our students perspectives and world view, building their awareness of the world beyond Region 1 and the communities they grew up in.

Opening Doors

The Fund also provides seed money for new HVRHS programing. These pictures are from a Wilderness Therapy and Mentoring program for students at risk.

We have also provided seed money for the Robotics, Electrathon, and Envirothon teams.

Since 1994 The Fund has given over $300,000 to help clubs/teams get started, teachers expand their curriculum and individuals develop their skills and passions.  As well as raise approximately $500,000 to renovate and create the Mahoney-Hewat Science and Technology Center. During the 2022 – 2023 school year, we awarded over $33,000 to help enrich the educational experience of those in the HVRHS community.

After the success of the 2022 Housatonic Musical Theatre Society production of Into the Woods, which we also sponsored, some inspired students decided to do their own show The Unwritten Show. Click HERE to read the the story behind this original production which went from concept to performances in 8 weeks. (This experience launched Griffin Tomaino into a singer, songwriter and all things theatrical. He is performing in the 2023 Sharon Playhouse production of Something Rotten!)

The HVRHS Envirothon Team has flourished since receiving their original seed grant from the 21st Century Fund in 2006.  Under the direction of Ag Ed teacher, David Moran, the team has received numerous awards at the State Competition and have repeatedly represented Connecticut at the North American Envirothon.

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